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We are MTA approved, AA licensed repairers, and Battery Town foundation members. We work for major mechanical insurance companies such as Autosure, Protecta, Lumleys, Drive right, etc. We abide by the MTA customer promise and code of ethics. We are suppliers of many major automotive brands including, Hella, Mongoose, Bosch, Endurant Batteries, Hitachi, Denso, JVC, NGK, Panasonic, Varta European OEM Batteries and more

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We are a professional, friendly team of highly experienced diagnostic technicians, ready to help with your requirements from American V8 and Vintage cars to modern Hybrid and EV Vehicles. Air Conditioning service and repairs. We can also help with general vehicle servicing too, oil change ,etc

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Our Services


  • Battery Town members (over 100 outlets nationwide) with the largest range of batteries available in NZ.
  • Free battery and charging tests.
  • Batteries for cars, trucks, boats, motorhomes, golf trundlers, mobility scooters, bikes, jetskis, stand-by power systems to name just some.
  • Excellent Hella Endurant range of batteries. Odyssey batteries.
  • Varta OE Batteries
  • EFB Start Stop Varta Batteries


  • Hard starting, idling faults, etc diagnosed and sorted.
  • Engine mis-fire or power loss diagnostic
  • Tuning maintenance to get optimum fuel consumption to save your motoring dollars biggest expense...fuel.
  • Allens tunescope machine.


  • “Check engine” diagnostic scanning and code reading. Computer and Battery programming.
  • All Vehicle Brands
  • Intermittent fault finding is what we do daily.
  • SRS (airbag) and ABS diagnostic and repair.
  • Several items of bench test equipment for testing coils, modules, sensors, distributors, pumps, solenoids, idle controllers, etc.
  • Computer and component electronics can often be repaired on site or we source competitive quality replacement parts and components.
  • Auto data information software for quick reference and common fault information, wiring diagrams, etc.


  • Headlight output upgrades.
  • LED lighting. Day Time Running LED lamps.....many sizes and shapes to suit all vehicles
  • Submersible trailer LED’s supplied and fitted professionally.
  • Auxiliary and emergency lighting.
  • Electronic trailer modules installed for modern car trailer connection requirement so not to damage vehicle electronics.

Air Conditioning

  • A/C service and maintenence
  • Free A/C accessment

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